To make an unforgettable experience and name the secluded beach inside a hideaway cove Banderas Bay is the shore to Explore and Enjoy in Thousands of unique forms. A destination to Feel in Harmony with the Nature.



Piedra Blanca

It is separated into 2 secluded & exclusive sections by rocks as white as snow. Finely textured white sand plus smooth waters of both ports give this beach the tranquility you are looking for and makes it a great location for diving and snorkeling.

El Anclote

A few minutes South Punta Mita, is a great beach spot for you to learn how to Surf Boogie board, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding or simply Relax. It offers a special variety of renown Fresh Seafood & gourmet Restaurants along with local shops

Avistamiento de Ballenas

Every year, the most acrobatic of all whales, the Humpback, visits the Bay of Banderas in order to reproduce and give birth. Its arrival begins around mid to late October and extends to around end of March. During that time, some female whales give birth while others reproduce before returning to their feeding grounds in the north. The humpback whale’s behavior is most often playful and the show they perform for us at times can be quite spectacula

Islas Marietas

Actually a National Protected Preserve, these volcanic islands with restricted access to authorized vessels only, are a landmark of Banderas Bay and one of the most important places for marine bird watching in México and the eastern Pacific. They are without a doubt the place for those interested in scuba diving and snorkeling because of the variety of marine life, with coral and beautiful reef fish. You’ll be able to visit places such as la bufa (the blowhole), el elefante (the elephant), the morros cuates (the twin friends), La Nopalera beach and the most famous, Playa Escondida o del Amor (Hidden beach).

Litibú-Higuera Blanca

This area is under a First-class Hotels, elegant residences & restaurants development which will add to the natural charms of the 1.2 miles of virgin beaches (Punta Negra & Careyero), where fresh seaweed swept ashore by the waves invite you to feel and smell their soft texture and sweet aroma. You will feel surrounded by the grandeur of the Pacific & the Nature of silent trees lining the seashore.