To make an unforgettable experience and name the secluded beach inside a hideaway cove Banderas Bay is the shore to Explore and Enjoy in Thousands of unique forms. A destination to Feel in Harmony with the Nature.



Los Arcos

A “National Marine Park special spot to snorkel and get to know the numerous forms of sea life, SCUBA dive the deep tunnels, caves and colorful reefs and birds watching on top these rocky islands which are anchored in the deepest waters of the Bay.


The first of most magical beaches in Banderas Bay. A secluded little cove, is a real treasure still undiscovered by most. An Exclusive restaurant serves on the Cliff by appointment only.

Las Ánimas

Beach distinguished by its golden sand, behind it stand imposing mountains and before it the Pacific, colored a light blue due to its shallow depths, which make it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and any watersport activity. A variety of Restaurants with Palapas , beach chaises & the freshest selection of Seafood and Meats. To the North a group of rocks set the entrance to a more isolated white sand beach: El Caballito, accesible by walking.


A beach of fine white sand, it lies at the foot of a lush jungle, accompanied by the sounds of wildlife, wrapped up in the gentle blue of the bay, snorkel among colorful fish such as: King Angel, Panamic Sergeant Majors, Puffer Fish, Eels and many others. Climb aboard an adventure on a kayak, or simply walk along the beach and observe the singing of birds and curious reptiles.


A picturesque hideaway beachside village. It is a place distinguished by its color, its tradition, its gentle people who, for the most part, dedicate their lives to fishing and tourism. It is the perfect place to ‘lose’ yourself in the jungle, wade through rivers, or take up sports such as swimming, SCUBA diving or hiking up through the village until you reach its waterfall, more than 50 meters high.


A perfect way to unwind in Vallarta. Watch the sun descend into the ocean while you cruise one of the most beautiful Bays in the World, surrounded by the great mountains of Sierra Madre and the Magical Lights of the town turn up. As the stars come out we cruise toward to the Fireworks Display overnight in the Bay. You may additionally, have cocktails and dinner on board if requested upon booking your sunset trip.